A Retirement Planning Solution for the Family Farm

What You’ll Learn:

  • How do I financially navigate the next three (or so) years of my life while I sell/transition the farm down?
  • How am I supposed to live without the income from the farm? How much is enough?
  • Should I incorporate? What are the benefits and drawbacks and how much will it cost me versus how much can I save?
  • What is the Capital Gains Exemption? What is the best way that I can plan to use it?
  • What about my non-farming children? How can I be fair to them?

Webinar Details:

TIME - over two sessions

Session 1: Business Structures & Capital Gains Exemption


Session 2: Transitioning The Family Farm



Limited Webinar Seats- Bookings Essential

Who This Webinar is For

The Life After Harvest webinar series focuses on three main topics: Business Structures, the Capital Gains Exemption, and Transitioning off the Family Farm, and were created to help educate two generations of farmers at the same time; the incoming generation and outgoing generation.  Both generations have something to gain from the webinars as they can be treated as a farm business acumen course of sorts, as discussion focuses on how prepare yourself for a ‘transition’ off or onto the family farm.


Riley Sittler

Retirement Planning Specialist – CFA, BComm.

Riley began his career managing the investment portfolio for multiple credit unions in rural Saskatchewan and has since spent the majority of his working career working with business owners and farm families in order to help them realize their succession planning and retirement goals. He takes pride in looking at the big picture and ensuring that his financial planning solutions are well integrated with the investment, legal, tax, and family needs of the families he works with. Riley also works with Jeremy to deliver the Life After Harvest workshops and is our team leader in family farm transition planning.

Riley holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan where he majored in Finance, in addition to his studies at the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden where he focused on Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He recently received his Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and is our primary presenter for the Life After Harvest Mentoring program recently launched at our firm.

Jeremy Basset

 Director, Marketing & Business Development

Jeremy specializes in marketing and business development and manages all our digital marketing including our website and social media platforms as well as our video blog and online marketing initiatives. Jeremy will also be responsible for our Seminar and Client Event planning and attracting new clients to PWM. He is also one of the first voices you will hear if you are interested in services at PWM as he oversees and prospective client inquiries. Jeremy works with Riley in delivering the Life After Harvest workshops, as he has helped build the program – something the 2 of them are quite proud of.

Jeremy is a University of Saskatchewan graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Kinesiology) and has 14 years of experience working in Sales & Marketing in Western Canada. In his most recent role, he was managing his own consulting business for 4 years before joining PWM.

Life After Harvest provides financial management & services and is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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